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Something Special Fund

The Something Special Fund provides support for foster children’s wishes for special requests that most children take for granted. CASA for the Highland Lakes ensures foster children know that they too are special and deserving — and that someone cares!

Special circumstances often arise in a foster child’s life where they need additional financial support for activities such as sports equipment, music classes, a class photo, or application fees to apply for college. Because of this lack of funding, many foster youth are unable to fully experience everything life has to offer them at this age, which is so critical to a sense of belonging.  The Something Special Fund was designed to provide foster youth with additional funds so that they don’t have to sit on the sidelines because they don’t have a prom dress or suit or because they can’t afford an instrument, art supplies or a class ring. Financial support is provided on an ‘as needed’ basis for youth ages 18 and under and upon the request of an Advocate.

Please help us show the children that they are indeed special and deserving!