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Serving More Kids Than Before: CASA Expands

CASA for the Highland Lakes Area is still serving the same area of the Hill Country, but our services are reaching more children than ever before.  Today, more children in our service area need CASA advocates because abused and neglected children are coming to the attention of Child Protective Services at rates higher than in years prior.  It is unfortunate that advocates for abused and neglected children are needed, but the reality is that in just the past 5 years the number of children needing our services has increased by over 35%.  Today we are serving 249 children from the counties of Blanco, Burnet, Lampasas, Llano and San Saba with the help of 71 active volunteers.  However, it is projected that by the year 2020 we will need over 100 active volunteers in order to keep serving each child that needs us to advocate on their behalf.  Our CASA program is trying to prepare for the increased need of CASA advocates in our area and, because of this, we have hired a Development Coordinator to help spread our message and increase community support.

We are excited to announce that Cindi Ashford Fry is joining our CASA team and will be assisting us as the Development Coordinator for CASA.  Cindi has lived in the Highland Lakes Area for over 25 years and she is very involved in the community here in the Highland Lakes Area!  Cindi understands how important that it is for children to feel safe and secure and she is committed to helping CASA to achieve its greatest potential as an organization so that we can best serve the children that we represent.  Please join me in welcoming Cindi Ashford Fry to our CASA network!