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CASA for the Highland Lakes Area Focuses on Volunteer Recruitment and Training

CASA for the Highland Lakes Area Focuses on Volunteer Recruitment and Training

Here at CASA we understand that our volunteers are our backbone. CASA for the Highland Lakes Area truly is a volunteer-based organization and we simply could not make the difference that we do without our wonderful volunteer advocates! Because we know this, we understand that recruiting and training volunteers has to be a priority if we are going to be successful in making lives better for children in foster care.

Over the past year our CASA program has trained 22 new volunteer advocates. Our goal in the coming year is to train at least 30 new volunteers and ensure that at least 90% of our CASA kids have a volunteer on their case with our staff. We have made this our goal because we know that children with a CASA volunteer are more successful in life and have better outcomes than their counterparts who have no CASA volunteer speaking up on their behalf. Because recruiting is such a focus for us, you may see us in the community ensuring that people know who were are and what we stand for.

We have a couple of outreach opportunities coming up this month. First, an informational meeting is planned for September 22nd at the Methodist Church in Llano. The Llano County Child Welfare Board has been instrumental in helping us to spread the word about CASA in their community and in preparing for this event. Also, on September 30th the Double Horn Brewery and Restaurant in Marble Falls will host CASA as their chosen charity. On that day 10% of all sales will be donated to CASA for the Highland Lakes Area. This is a great way to promote our program to the patrons of the establishment and also raise some funds for the benefit of the children we serve.

If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please contact our office to learn more or come to one of the events listed above. We hope to hear from you!


Kristen K. Harris, Executive Director